Alan Daniel

-Alan Can Help-

Hello and welcome! My name is Alan Daniel, and I am a highly accredited Gwinnett County Realtor who aims to make transactions fun, inviting, and seamless for everyone involved (emphasis on the fun). As a professional at RE/MAX LEGENDS who has served thousands of clients, I have an extensive background within this industry. I have cultivated a deep understanding of the buying, selling, negotiating, and local marketing processes that guarantee a positive experience for every client.

A little bit about myself, I was born on the famous naval base ‘Camp Lejeune’ in Jacksonville, North Carolina, grew up in the Tonawanda, New York area, and have been living here in Gwinnett County, Georgia, for the past 40 years. Throughout my life and my wife and I raising a family, I spent nearly 20 years working for AT&T until being laid off in 2002 from the massive downturn of the technology industry. From there, I tapped into mortgage and banking and became a top-performing mortgage banker by 2009. But again, the economy took a nasty turn for the worst, and I found myself job scrambling for a second time. But recognizing my passion for real estate during my mortgage banking days inspired me to dive headfirst and get my license. Fast forward to today, I am proud to say it was the best professional decision I have ever made for myself, my family, and my community.

Nothing makes me happier than putting buyers into their dream homes and obtaining top dollar for every seller listing. I have a true passion for my career, value integrity and trust, and am devoted to not only being a Realtor, but also a mentor, consultant, and friend along the way. I care for my clients like family, and my goal is to empower them with in-depth information and insight so they can decide for themselves and their futures. That, in conjunction with my anti-salesperson personality and reputation for always going above and beyond (yes, even past 5pm), can solidify your confidence that your real estate objectives are in the best possible hands from start to finish.

Overall, I am compassionate, an avid listener, non-judgmental, and always remain up to date with the ever-changing market trends to give my clients the concierge they deserve. I am also renowned for receiving the 5-Star Professional Award for customer service across 4 consecutive years. However, when I am not working, you can often find me enjoying a round of golf and spending time with my family of 3 grown kids, 6 grandchildren, my wonderful wife, and our 3 small dogs.